the path to sore feet

Peter Sheil
17 July
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This journal is just to record my training for the London Marathon - 26.2 miles of hell :) [and other races]

I have run it once before, two years ago, and got round in just under 7 hours. My biggest problem then was that I got bad blisters on both feet and by the time I was half way round I could hardly put my feet to the ground. Fortunately two of my friends helped me round the last section with such jolly comments as "If you are not leaving bloody footprints as you run then it can't be all that bad." Thanks guys :) it helped a lot. This year (2003) I hope to get round in 4:30, but I'll be happy to get in under 5 hours.

I'm 6 foot 1 inch, weigh 14 stone 10 pounds (or 206 pounds for you Americans or 93.5 Kilos for any Europeans) and am not particularly fit. The only regular exercise I do is Morris Dancing and typing at a computer keyboard.

This journal will document my pain in geting fit and hopefully my success at one or more races. Also you can see my thoughts on life, the universe and everything whilst training.

Races Completed Time
New Forest Half Marathon - 19 September 2004   02:35:15
Reading Half Marathon - 7 March 2004   02:35:50
ING New York Marathon - 2 November 2003   05:58:48
New Forest Half Marathon - 21 September 2003   02:41:00
Flora London Marathon - 13 April 2003   06:36:21

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