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Wednesday, September 1st, 2004
8:19 pm
So, a good run tonight?

Actually no, I've stayed in. Not because of the weather but because I think it is better for me. Over the weekend my left ankle was playing up a bit and on Monday, a holiday in the UK, it hurt so much I couldn't put it on the ground when I first got up. It's a minor return of my gout. No, don't laugh, it's actually the most painful experience I've ever had! I'm taking Ibuprofen and drinking plenty of fluids; the ankle is a lot better now (otherwise I wouldn't be going in to work) but I think it's better to let it rest for this week.

I may go and walk my rouye arpund here later in the week, I'll see. But right now I'm off for a drink and some fruit - gotta get healthy :)

Wednesday, August 25th, 2004
9:58 pm
Today's run
Total time 52 minutes, slightly slower than Monday; 12 minutes to high spot (1 min slower), 25 minutes to Machen bridge (3 minutes slower). The bit I'm most pleased with is the hill out of Machen - I managed to go all the way from the main road up to the turn for the cycle track and a few yards along the cycle track before I had to stop and I was nowhere near as out-of-breath as on Monday :) I was slower on the first hill and had to walk a little bit just after the first steep bit.

Overall I'm feeling good about it and am feeling fitter ... even if my legs ache a bit right now :)

Right off to bed soonish ... I do need my beauty sleep :)
Monday, August 23rd, 2004
9:09 pm
Monday 23rd August
Did the circuit here (Waterloo, Machen return - about 4.5 miles) in 55 minutes; 11 minutes to the high point and 26 minutes to the bridge at Machen. This was better to start with, but slower later. Why was that I hear you ask ... do I? Well I'll tell you anyway :) Just past the high point I met a sheep on the lane and I spent about 4 minutes herding it back into it's field and going to the nearest house to tell them a sheep had managed to get over the grid in the track. They said they'd tell the farmer. So I've done my good deed for this week - I can be bad now ;) Allowing for the 4 minutes of sheep herding the times are better then last time :- 11, 22, 51.

The bits I'm most pleased with are the hills. I kept running jogging up the first section of road, to the junction where I almost double back on myself and half way along this to the high point before I had to walk! The second hill that pleased me was the road from Machen up to the cycle track - I jogged (admittedly slowly) all the way up this 'till I reached the turn for the cycle track. OK, I then had to stop and have a serious gasping attack, much to the worry of a couple of people walking a dog nearby. There was a feeling of YES! having made it up there.

It was a bit wet during the run but the rain wasn't too heavy - quite refreshing in fact. I'm planning on doing it again on Wednesday so I'll update again then.

Thursday, August 19th, 2004
10:18 am
Wednesday 18th Aug
Did the local circuit in 55 minutes, slightly slower than last time :( Took 14 minutes to get to the high point up the first hill and 26 minutes to get to the bridge at Machen.

I didn't feel as out of breath as last time and I didn't actually stop to gasp for more breath :) although I did have to stop when crossing the main road twice and stop once on the road to let a car get past (yes the roads are quite narrow). My biggest problem was my leg muscles, particularly the upper ones, getting too painful and losing power. I know it's just lactic acid build up, I need to get it cleared out quicker after runs. Had a hot shower last night and again this morning which should help. My job is basically siting at a keyboard typing away (and thinking occasionally :) ) so my legs don't get much use during the day.

I've also managed to scrape my left shin - I guess with the right foot :) As I get tired my running style gets a bit ... erm ... random? ... something like that. :) The two hills are quite hard work and I'm going to be walking them for a while - mind you once I can run up them both I'll be unstoppable :)))

Things I need to do
1. Walk about more during the day.
2. Drink more water ... I'm of to get half a litre right now.

Wednesday, August 18th, 2004
11:10 am
An update
I'm still here!

I've started to get some training in ready for my next race, The New Forest Half Marathon on Sunday 19th September. Yes, I know, it's late to start now but it's better to get some training in than to have none at all.

I've got a hilly circuit of about 4.5 miles which I walked around and took 75 minutes. This is a "road" circuit ... well the first part is actual road although they are barely wide enough for one car and when I get to Machen I go on a cycle path on the line of an old railway track to get back.

Last Monday I ran around it (OK, jogged and walked actually) in 52 minutes. At this rate I'd complete a full marathon in just over 5 hours and the half in 2.5 hours. The route starts off up a near vertical hill (exagerate... me? nah) and it took 17 minutes to get to the high point when I was walking but only 12 minutes on Monday. I'll keep a track on this figure as it will be a good indication of my fitness - the hill is steep and if I can get up it quicker then my cardio-vascular system is getting better :) I'm not getting as much exercise as I used to at the moment as I'm only going down to Southampton for the Morris dancing every week or so - it was getting too much doing it every week.

I'm planning on doing this circuit again tonight - I'll let you know how I did.

Monday, March 8th, 2004
10:28 am
Times update
A friend of mine who was also running has got the times off the web site, thanks Matt. The details for me are :-

Pos. Nr.  Name               GunTime ChipTime
7205 6563 Peter Sheil      M 2:40:35 2:35:50

Gun time is from the start of the race, chip time from when I actually crossed the start line.

So I was quite close to getting under 2.5 hours :)

9:53 am
Reading Half Marathon
Well I got round in about 2:35 or so - not quite sure. I'll have to check on their website later and update you all then.

Not too sore today, one small blister on my left foot and a sore patch between two toes where it rubbed, one blister under a toe nail on my right foot and my left ankle is quite sore.

It was the strangest of weather - sunny patches to start with but a bitterly cold wind then heavy rain, sleet and snow. My leg muscles were so cold they went almost completely solid :( Still I kept going, admittedly walking for some of the time, and chatted to others on the way round.

I had hoped to get round a bit quicker but considering the lack of training and the weather on the day I'm happy with the result.

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2004
10:18 pm
I went running ...
Yep, it's true! Last Sunday I went for a run from Southampton out to North Baddersley and back in a loop. Kim reckons it was just under 10 miles and it took us 2 hr 5 min. That's not that fast, but then I haven't been running since November last year in the New York marathon so I'm not too unhappy.

Why did I go running? Well I'm abusing my body again next Sunday by running the Reading half marathon and thought I ought to do something before the race. I hope to get around in about 2:30 unless I have problems, so wish me luck.

I'll post later to let you know how I did.

Tuesday, November 4th, 2003
10:36 pm
The results
Data from ingnycmarathon.org

Finish Time   06:14:21
Net Time   05:58:48
Split Times
10K   01:28:12
Half Marathon   03:01:52
20M   04:44:47
Pace   13:41 minutes per mile

Feet and legs aches from the "walk in the park" as it is called :)

Rest of me is absolutely fine ... well I do need some more sleep.

It was a hot and humid day, but with some high cloud so better than it might have been. The crowds were amazing! I have never been told "Keep it up Peter" so often in one day ;) or "You're looking good Peter". Having your name on your T-shirt is a very good idea.

Other memories ...

The ROAR of the crowd coming off the Queensboro (sp?) bridge
The sight of 1st Avenue stretching away miles ahead ... full of runners
The cheerfulness of all the volunteers at the drink and food stations, even as late in the day as when I was coming through
The red and yellow leaves falling as we ran
The road surface near the drink stations - mix paper cup, water and Gatorade, stamp to a pulp by thousands of runners and then try not to slip on it
The New Yorkers everywhere shouting encouragement
Central Park - the end finally is almost there (even though people have been telling you that for miles)
Realising about 4 miles from the finish that I could get home in under 6 hours (net time) ... and actually managing it

A personal best for me on a tough Marathon course.

Would I do it again? No, absolutely not, no, never again ... but then that's what I said about my first London Marathon :))))

Monday, November 3rd, 2003
6:21 am
Update from NY
6:15 Elapsed, under 6 hours net (just)

Slower than I hoped but my leg muscles wouldn't go any faster :)

A wonderful day - I'll post more when I get back to the UK.

Monday, October 20th, 2003
12:48 am
Sunday 19th October
Ran the 8 km circuit including up the hill - "ran" all the way up the hill ... actually a v slow jog and Kim was walking quicker than I was jogging. Took about an hour to do the course - we were walking most of the way back 'cos Kim is still revcovering from a bad cold and has a bad chest.

I was having some problems with my left ankle but had it strapped up and it seemed to cope. I think the exercise was good for it.

I got the tickets for the trip to New York for the Marathon - I'll post more details when I'm not so tired


Current Mood: tired
Sunday, September 21st, 2003
4:31 pm
The Half Marathon
Completed in 2 hr 41 minutes. That's a very respectable time for a marathon ... and not tooo bad for the half marathon I actually ran :)

Started of at a steady pace
1 mile   11 min
2        22 min
3        45 min (stopped to relieve myself)
4        56 min
don't remember all the times - I guess about 12 minute miles overall (12.38)

I found I was running with other people for some sections and they seemed to fly by :)
A German lad and his Japanese girl friend had a discussion about haiku (amongst other things)

A conversation
Runs through forest, heath, on road
Makes a fine haiku

There - just in case they ever read it they'll know who inspired that.

There were others and I thank them - chatting makes the miles pass much more easily.

The hardest part for me were the last few miles. I'd been running with a woman for a few miles and I stopped to walk a bit after the last water stop while she kept going. My legs were turning to jelly and my energy levels were very low. I'd forgotten that they only provided water - I was used to the London marathon where they have energy drinks as well and I needed something. Anyway I kept going - sometimes seeing the other woman in the distance but never catching up. I walked a bit and jogged a bit but it felt like trying to climb mount Everest. I managed to perk up a bit as the finish got closer, husbanded my strength and managed a reasonable style finish [and didn't get overtaken by someone else gradually coming up from behind me]

So, 2 41 - not quite as good as I'd hoped but better than it might have been. I did make it back before the first of the full marathon runners were coming in which was one thing I wanted to achieve.

Things to remember
1. Sun tan cream and sun shades. It was OK today as, fortunately it stayed overcast, but it would have been harder had the sun been out.
2. Some high energy drinks with me - I only took water but had two containers on my belt so I could easily have made up a different drink for one of them.
3. Some high energy snack back at the car or on the bag taken to the finish. It was probably marginal whether I should have driven or not but I drank more water and just got on with it.
4. Remember my running shorts. Yep I know it's silly but I left them at London (I think) so I had to wear a different pair - lucky I had them with me. They were much longer in the leg but fortunately didn't rub too much - mind you the layers of vaseline [petroleum jelly for the non UK readers] probably helped there. I was vaselining up my legs and "other bits" in the car park when an inquisative youngster asked his dad what I was doing - mild amusement all round. Kids eh?
5. More training - although to be fair this run was itself training for the NY marathon (1st weekend in November if you want to come and watch) To do reasonably in the NY marathon I'm going to need some longer training runs and spending as much time as I do on the M4 [motorway from London west to Wales] is not conducive to running.

So a big thank you to all the organisers, the police and (mostly) how patient the car drivers trapped by the runners were. I think I'll be back (although I'll not be running for any govenorship in the US :) )

Peace to everyone reading this.
Wednesday, September 17th, 2003
2:26 pm
Tuesday 16th September
I did the circuit I've run before at St Mellons. Got to the first corner, near the Philips factory, in just under 30 minutes and the second corner at just under 40 minutes. The third corner is a little vague as it wiggles a few times so the only other time is the complete course which was just under 1 hr 15 minutes which is a little quicker than last time (and felt a lot better at the end). I'll try and have another go on this circuit before the weekend.

On Sunday I'm running the New Forest half marathon. Hopefully finishing in 2.5 hours or less but we'll have to see how things go on the day.

Monday, September 8th, 2003
7:29 pm
Friday 5th September
Did a shorter run than usual 'cos Kim was late back. Tried pushing a bit harder at the start but it was a mistake overall, or maybe not as I now know not to run so fast even if I'm being nagged to do so and don't feel too bad :) Did the circuit in 45 minutes.

I've bought a detailed map of the Southampton area so I can measure how long these routes are a bit moe accurately - results will be posted here.

Friday, August 29th, 2003
10:54 pm
Today's run
Did the "standard" 11 or 12 km run but without the first bit on the common (too dark to see it), without the last section by the river (also too dark and I haven't learnt how to run on the water yet :) ) but with a run up a near vertical hill (exagerate? moi???)

We got round in 1 hr 20 min ... not the fastest of times but I did feel good at the end of it. This was better than the previous time when I just wanted to stretch out on the floor and go to sleep :) Kim ended up slowing me down on the last long hill back home but I was slower than her on some other bits so I guess it evens out in the end. I almost managed to run all the way up the hill without stoppiong but the last 100 yards steepened up and my legs just said "No!" :) I think I'll manage it all next time though.

We did observe an interesting thing - whilst going up the steep hill several planes passed low overhead on their final approach to Southampton airport. About 20 to 30 seconds after the plane had passed there was a rushing flapping whooshing sound, a bit like a sail boat sail flapping. We think it was the wing-tip vortices from the planes - the air underneath the wing tries to flow around to the top and in the process creates two horizontal whirlpools [that's the best description I can think of right now]. I've heard about this before and seen the effect at airshows when big transport planes can create enough power in the vortices to knock people over but this is the first time that I can remember experiencing it "close up".

An interesting evening :)

Right - off to bed to get refreshed ready for a day Morris Dancing at Faversham, Kent.

Sunday, August 24th, 2003
12:24 am
Friday 22nd August
Did a 12 km run ar Southampton. Took 1 hr 35 minutes. Managed to twist my ankle on a rough bit of road and had to take it slower after that. Felt very tired and had to keep stopping to walk for a few steps but managed to do some of the hills a bit quicker than I expected.

Wednesday, August 20th, 2003
4:52 pm
Tuesday evening
Went for a run around St Mellons. I made the route just under 7 miles and it took me a bit over an hour and a quarter ... that would give me a marathon time of under 5 hours (if I kept it up). That's better than I was expecting as I haven't run for what seems like ages ... just look down to the next entry to see actually how long it was.

I felt reasonable during the run - had to stop for water and stretching the leg muscles a couple of times. Saw two families of swans (swimming on a slime filled ditch which they seemed to enjoy eating), herds of horses and several friendly dog walkers. I even got back just in time to see the film "the Fourth Protocol" - nothing like giving yourself an incentive to keep running on the last bit :)

Hope to run again later this week ... this is starting to get serious :)
Tuesday, July 29th, 2003
11:16 pm
Went for a run today - three times around the circuit at Southampton common without stopping to walk!!!

The previous time I ran it I didn't even get around the circuit once before I was walking.
Admittedly I was "running" quite slowly at some points, but I did keep going.
I think the track is 4 km per circuit, so I ran 12 km in 1 hr 15 minutes, which is ...
erm ... 9.6 km per hour or 6.25 minutes per km ... or for the non-metric that's ...
7.5 miles in 75 minutes so 10 minutes per mile or 6 miles per hour.

[having a maths failure - too late to add any more]

I felt reasonably good during and after the run - apart from a final faster run at the end
which was too much for me.

I'm thinking of making this a regular event on Tuesdays - need to run more often to get fitter
and this might help motivate me.

Off to bed now, gotta rest those muscles :)
Monday, July 21st, 2003
9:29 am
Sunday 20th July
Went for an 11 km run in Southampton.

It was the same weekend as the "Run for Life" 5km race so we had to divert around them a bit. It was hot and sunny so we tried to keep to the shade as much as possible. For me I think it was actually too soon after my previous run (Friday evening) as my upper leg muscles were still a bit stiff. Overall it took us 1hr 37minutes - just under 9 minutes per kilometer. I ended up walking a good bit, as you can tell from the time, but did manage to run at the rate of 6 minutes per k for a 1/4 k section we did on the marked run on the common ... mind you I walked the next 1/4 k and then only managed 7.5 minutes per k on the section after that.

Overall I'm reasonably pleased - I now have an 11 klm route and a time around it so I can see how that changes over time. Also there is a hill just off the route which will be good for getting fitter - I didn't try it on Sunday but will have a gentle go at it some day soon.

I realised that I didn't put anything about this year's London Marathon in this journal ... I will try to remember to do so soon, no time right now.

Sunday, July 20th, 2003
2:22 am
Friday 18th July
I know, it's been quiet here for far too long.

Well at long last I've been on a training run - did twice around the common at Southampton in 50 minutes. On the first circuit I had to walk for 4 times ... a few more on the second :) I was running at slightly under 6 minute kilometers (about 9.6 minute miles) when I was running on the first circuit - it varied a bit on the second circuit. I ended up with my "survival" technique - run for 100 paces (left and right foot landing counts as one pace) then 20 walking to recover a bit but keep moving. If I can keep the average speed below 10 minutes per mile then that would make the half marathon I'm doing in September completed in 2 hr 15 min and the full marathon in November (New York Marathon) completed in 4 and a half hours ... now that's something to aim for :) My best marathon time so far is a bit over 6 and a half hours.

I'm not suffering too badly ... slight ache in the upper leg muscles this evening and a blood blister on one toe. I'm going to do a longer one on Sunday morning (also in the Southampton area but a different route) so look out for a puffing runner in green shorts and a "New Forest Marathon" T-shirt.


Current Mood: sleepy
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