Peter Sheil (runningdiary) wrote,
Peter Sheil

Tuesday 17th May

Did the circuit here, just north of Cardiff, again today :-

14 minutes to the high point (13 last time),
25 to the bridge at Machen (same as last time),
46 minutes back on the main road after the cycle track (not timed last time),
52 back to the starting point (53 last time)

I started off well and got further up the first hill before I had to stop running jogging, but then I had to walk quite a bit on the road/track up to the high point. I seemed to pick up some time on the down-hill section to Machen and then managed about the same rate along the cycle track - actually I ran a bit faster along it, but had to walk a bit more as well so it balanced out. I'm now timing when I get off the cycle track and back on the main road - that way I can time the "sprint" finish a bit better *manic laughter*

Right, off to bed soon.
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