Peter Sheil (runningdiary) wrote,
Peter Sheil

Back to the Cardiff (well Waterloo actually :) ) circuit.

To the high point - 12 minutes - ran jogged up the first section but had to walk on the two steepest bits of the second section
To the bridge at Machen - 24 minutes
Jogged out of Machen up to the cycle track without stopping *yay*
Back to Waterloo - 53 minutes

I was running at about the same rate as last time but felt better. I did think about carrying on from the end back up to the high point as I need to get some longer runs in but in the end I decided that the basic circuit was enough for tonight.

Instead of just my water bottle I also took an energy drink. This does mean that I'm carrying an extra kilo of weight when I start off but as I get more tired I drink the fluids so I get lighter ... a fine theory which may be true if you allow for the sweat. Also the energy drink is a good thing to have during the run. I think I'll do that next time as well.

I plan on doing the circuit plus a bit on Wednesday, depending on how I'm doing maybe twice around? Or more likely just up to the high point and back ... that should be another two miles, so 6.5 altogether, making about a quarter of a marathon. In fact if I allow for how hilly the circuit is I'm probably doing a lot better than I think.

Note for confused readers; A good percentage of distance running is mental - if you can kid persuade yourself that you can do something then you actually can do it. So don't mind me if I ramble on a bit, it's just getting my head into the right state :)

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