Peter Sheil (runningdiary) wrote,
Peter Sheil

Monday 23rd August

Did the circuit here (Waterloo, Machen return - about 4.5 miles) in 55 minutes; 11 minutes to the high point and 26 minutes to the bridge at Machen. This was better to start with, but slower later. Why was that I hear you ask ... do I? Well I'll tell you anyway :) Just past the high point I met a sheep on the lane and I spent about 4 minutes herding it back into it's field and going to the nearest house to tell them a sheep had managed to get over the grid in the track. They said they'd tell the farmer. So I've done my good deed for this week - I can be bad now ;) Allowing for the 4 minutes of sheep herding the times are better then last time :- 11, 22, 51.

The bits I'm most pleased with are the hills. I kept running jogging up the first section of road, to the junction where I almost double back on myself and half way along this to the high point before I had to walk! The second hill that pleased me was the road from Machen up to the cycle track - I jogged (admittedly slowly) all the way up this 'till I reached the turn for the cycle track. OK, I then had to stop and have a serious gasping attack, much to the worry of a couple of people walking a dog nearby. There was a feeling of YES! having made it up there.

It was a bit wet during the run but the rain wasn't too heavy - quite refreshing in fact. I'm planning on doing it again on Wednesday so I'll update again then.

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