Peter Sheil (runningdiary) wrote,
Peter Sheil

Wednesday 18th Aug

Did the local circuit in 55 minutes, slightly slower than last time :( Took 14 minutes to get to the high point up the first hill and 26 minutes to get to the bridge at Machen.

I didn't feel as out of breath as last time and I didn't actually stop to gasp for more breath :) although I did have to stop when crossing the main road twice and stop once on the road to let a car get past (yes the roads are quite narrow). My biggest problem was my leg muscles, particularly the upper ones, getting too painful and losing power. I know it's just lactic acid build up, I need to get it cleared out quicker after runs. Had a hot shower last night and again this morning which should help. My job is basically siting at a keyboard typing away (and thinking occasionally :) ) so my legs don't get much use during the day.

I've also managed to scrape my left shin - I guess with the right foot :) As I get tired my running style gets a bit ... erm ... random? ... something like that. :) The two hills are quite hard work and I'm going to be walking them for a while - mind you once I can run up them both I'll be unstoppable :)))

Things I need to do
1. Walk about more during the day.
2. Drink more water ... I'm of to get half a litre right now.

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