Peter Sheil (runningdiary) wrote,
Peter Sheil

Reading Half Marathon

Well I got round in about 2:35 or so - not quite sure. I'll have to check on their website later and update you all then.

Not too sore today, one small blister on my left foot and a sore patch between two toes where it rubbed, one blister under a toe nail on my right foot and my left ankle is quite sore.

It was the strangest of weather - sunny patches to start with but a bitterly cold wind then heavy rain, sleet and snow. My leg muscles were so cold they went almost completely solid :( Still I kept going, admittedly walking for some of the time, and chatted to others on the way round.

I had hoped to get round a bit quicker but considering the lack of training and the weather on the day I'm happy with the result.

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