Peter Sheil (runningdiary) wrote,
Peter Sheil

The Half Marathon

Completed in 2 hr 41 minutes. That's a very respectable time for a marathon ... and not tooo bad for the half marathon I actually ran :)

Started of at a steady pace
1 mile   11 min
2        22 min
3        45 min (stopped to relieve myself)
4        56 min
don't remember all the times - I guess about 12 minute miles overall (12.38)

I found I was running with other people for some sections and they seemed to fly by :)
A German lad and his Japanese girl friend had a discussion about haiku (amongst other things)

A conversation
Runs through forest, heath, on road
Makes a fine haiku

There - just in case they ever read it they'll know who inspired that.

There were others and I thank them - chatting makes the miles pass much more easily.

The hardest part for me were the last few miles. I'd been running with a woman for a few miles and I stopped to walk a bit after the last water stop while she kept going. My legs were turning to jelly and my energy levels were very low. I'd forgotten that they only provided water - I was used to the London marathon where they have energy drinks as well and I needed something. Anyway I kept going - sometimes seeing the other woman in the distance but never catching up. I walked a bit and jogged a bit but it felt like trying to climb mount Everest. I managed to perk up a bit as the finish got closer, husbanded my strength and managed a reasonable style finish [and didn't get overtaken by someone else gradually coming up from behind me]

So, 2 41 - not quite as good as I'd hoped but better than it might have been. I did make it back before the first of the full marathon runners were coming in which was one thing I wanted to achieve.

Things to remember
1. Sun tan cream and sun shades. It was OK today as, fortunately it stayed overcast, but it would have been harder had the sun been out.
2. Some high energy drinks with me - I only took water but had two containers on my belt so I could easily have made up a different drink for one of them.
3. Some high energy snack back at the car or on the bag taken to the finish. It was probably marginal whether I should have driven or not but I drank more water and just got on with it.
4. Remember my running shorts. Yep I know it's silly but I left them at London (I think) so I had to wear a different pair - lucky I had them with me. They were much longer in the leg but fortunately didn't rub too much - mind you the layers of vaseline [petroleum jelly for the non UK readers] probably helped there. I was vaselining up my legs and "other bits" in the car park when an inquisative youngster asked his dad what I was doing - mild amusement all round. Kids eh?
5. More training - although to be fair this run was itself training for the NY marathon (1st weekend in November if you want to come and watch) To do reasonably in the NY marathon I'm going to need some longer training runs and spending as much time as I do on the M4 [motorway from London west to Wales] is not conducive to running.

So a big thank you to all the organisers, the police and (mostly) how patient the car drivers trapped by the runners were. I think I'll be back (although I'll not be running for any govenorship in the US :) )

Peace to everyone reading this.
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