Peter Sheil (runningdiary) wrote,
Peter Sheil

Tuesday evening

Went for a run around St Mellons. I made the route just under 7 miles and it took me a bit over an hour and a quarter ... that would give me a marathon time of under 5 hours (if I kept it up). That's better than I was expecting as I haven't run for what seems like ages ... just look down to the next entry to see actually how long it was.

I felt reasonable during the run - had to stop for water and stretching the leg muscles a couple of times. Saw two families of swans (swimming on a slime filled ditch which they seemed to enjoy eating), herds of horses and several friendly dog walkers. I even got back just in time to see the film "the Fourth Protocol" - nothing like giving yourself an incentive to keep running on the last bit :)

Hope to run again later this week ... this is starting to get serious :)
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