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Wednesday, June 8th, 2005

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Wednesday 8th June
Did the circuit here, just north of Cardiff, again today. I started off better than last time, I thought, as I managed 120 paces before having to walk instead of the 100 last time ... but look at the times :-

12 minutes to the high point (11 last time, 12 time before),
25 to the bridge at Machen (21 last time, 23 time before),
49 minutes back on the main road after the cycle track (42 last time, 44 time before),
57 back to the starting point (48 last time, 51 time before)

So that's slower on every section :( Well it was a bit hot, I'm probably still recovering a bit from giving blood yesterday and it's the first time for a while I've tried running twice in a week. My calf muscles were the main problem, the lower leg muscles went completely solid and I couldn't even loosen them when I stopped. They are a bit better now, after a shower and rest, but the right leg is still aching.

Right, off to bed I think.

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