Peter Sheil (runningdiary) wrote,
Peter Sheil

Tuesday, 20th September

Now sit down ... OK? ... well I did the circuit here, just north of Cardiff, again today. It must be 5 weeks since my previous run!

My watch has been playing up, so I used my mobile to record the times on its stop watch function. This means I can give you more accurate timings, down to the second.

1. 12:56 to the high point (12 last time, 12, 11, 12 times before),
2. 25:49 to the bridge at Machen (25 last time, 25, 21, 23 times before),
3a. Incremental time to start of the cycle path 5:26
3b. Incremental time to end of the cycle path 14:31
3c. Incremental time from cycle path to the main road 2:52
3d. Total time to main road 48:38 (49 last time, 49, 42, 44 times before),
4. 56:18 back to the starting point (55 last time, 57, 48, 51 times before)

I took it gently and my legs were OK, although my left calf muscle hurt a bit. The times were better than I feared they might be, which has to be a good thing.

I'm running the Cardiff half marathon on Sunday week, and just over a month later I'm running the New York Marathon ... so the training is definitely needed.

[OK, I'll admit that having four people die whilst doing the Great North Run (a half marathon) at the weekend made me think that I should be doing something more! ]

Right, off to bed now. Take care and catch you all later.

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