Peter Sheil (runningdiary) wrote,
Peter Sheil

Monday the13th June

Did the circuit here, just north of Cardiff, again today. Now let me say that I'm happy with these times; although they are not up to my best time they are better than last Wednesday. I started off better than last time and went a lot further before having to walk. The problem was that my calf muscles were not happy; the right leg hurt inside the calf muscle and pushing with my toe at the end of the step was painful, the left muscle felt strange - like it was going numb from the inside. So, the times :-

13 minutes to the high point (12 last time, 11, 12 times before),
25 to the bridge at Machen (25 last time, 21, 23 times before),
49 minutes back on the main road after the cycle track (49 last time, 42, 44 times before),
55 back to the starting point (57 last time, 48, 51 times before)

Slightly slower on the first section, slightly faster on the second section down to Machen, same on the section along the cycle track then faster on the last section. I tried running through the pain but I'm not sure if that's the best thing to do - what do the runners reading this think? It didn't feel as bad as on Wednesday so I think I might be able to just keep running through this. I may manage some time at the gym at work so I'll see what the manager there says about it all.

Right, off to bed soon so I can rest my eyes - they are not happy today, I think the air is too dry at work.
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