Peter Sheil (runningdiary) wrote,
Peter Sheil

Tuesday 31st May

Did the circuit here, just north of Cardiff, again today :-

12 minutes to the high point (12 last time),
23 to the bridge at Machen (23 last time),
44 minutes back on the main road after the cycle track (43 last time),
51 back to the starting point (50 last time)

Although the time is one minute slower overall, I did manage to keep going for longer on the climb out of the village and on the section along the cycle track so I'm pleased with the time. Well OK I'd have liked it to be better but I'm not going to push too hard 'till I get my high blood pressure sorted out [in case you haven't seen that post it was 161 / 114 last week and I have to go back this week for another test with the practice nurse. If three tests in a row are high then I get to see a doctor and they can do something ... although by the third one I'll have given a pint of blood (a week today) so that should reduce the pressure a bit :) ]

I don't think I'm going to make that much difference on the climb to the high point, maybe a minute or two; most of the descent to Machen is too steep to run flat out without risking injury, so I'll only gain a minute or two there; the section along the cycle track should be a lot quicker so I should be able to pick up five minutes there; and the last section is along a road so I can't push too much there, probably won't change that much at all. So that's 1.5 + 1.5 + 5 = 8 minutes ... 43 minutes for the circuit. Sounds doable ... eventually.

Right, off to do "stuff" on the computer and try and get my contact lenses out early tonight - they've been a pain today so my eyes need a rest.

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